Tova Shaarjashuv

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60 CMW x 60 CMH
24”W x 24”H
Oil on canvas
Painted 2021.

Sadigura Rebbe

For Sale

30 CMW x 40 CMH
16”H x 12”W
Oil on canvas
Painted 2021.

Satmar Rebbe

40 CMW x 60 CMH
16”W x 24”H
Oil on canvas
Painted in 2020.

Rav Shach

30 CMW X 50CMH 12″W X 20″H Oil on canvas Painted in 2022.

Rav Elya Bloch

For Sale

This was my most challenging painting to date. The source I used was a grainy video that was discovered a few years ago of the Chofetz Chaim. Using AI I was able to enhance the picture slightly but it was still a huge challenge. I chose to paint the Chofetz Chaim in a brown coat […]

Chofetz Chaim

In order to make this painting really eye-catching I utilised a contrasting colour palette. The vibrant red and oranges really pop against the cooler blues and purples of the bekitsher. I softly alluded to the floral/vine design in the bekitsher as I didn’t want to overwhelm the painting. The fruit took me many hours to […]

Bobover Rebbe

50 CMW X 70CMH
20″W X 28″H
Oil on canvas
Painted in 2022.

Reb Leibish

When ordering a custom painting, clients often have a wall space in mind. With this piece I developed the colour scheme to complement the clients dining room accordingly. I worked from a few photos as it can often be difficult to capture children well and this followed instructions of the buyer to use various facets/facial […]

Client L

There is a certain thrill and unique challenge in capturing people you hold dear, particularly when they are no longer alive. Painting my beloved grandparents after losing them both within the year, was both therapeutic and deeply nostalgic. A painting can bring life to an image in a way that a photo cannot and my […]

My Grandparents

When this client reached out to me to commission a painting of her late father-in-law as a gift to her husband, she presented a unique challenge. She didn’t have any pictures that she liked enough to paint nor a picture of him learning which was her preferred pose. Not to be deterred, we utilised his […]

Client A