Tova Shaarjashuv

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60 CMW x 60 CMH
24”W x 24”H
Oil on canvas
Painted 2021.

Sadigura Rebbe

For Sale

30 CMW x 40 CMH
16”H x 12”W
Oil on canvas
Painted 2021.

Satmar Rebbe

40 CMW x 60 CMH
16”W x 24”H
Oil on canvas
Painted in 2020.

Rav Shach

30 CMW X 50CMH 12″W X 20″H Oil on canvas Painted in 2022.

Rav Elya Bloch

For Sale

This was my most challenging painting to date. The source I used was a grainy video that was discovered a few years ago of the Chofetz Chaim. Using AI I was able to enhance the picture slightly but it was still a huge challenge. I chose to paint the Chofetz Chaim in a brown coat […]

Chofetz Chaim

In order to make this painting really eye-catching I utilised a contrasting colour palette. The vibrant red and oranges really pop against the cooler blues and purples of the bekitsher. I softly alluded to the floral/vine design in the bekitsher as I didn’t want to overwhelm the painting. The fruit took me many hours to […]

Bobover Rebbe

50 CMW X 70CMH
20″W X 28″H
Oil on canvas
Painted in 2022.

Reb Leibish