Tova Shaarjashuv

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About the artist

Hi, my name is Tova Shaarjashuv. I was born and raised in London, England. I currently live with my husband and daughter in Jerusalem, Israel and work part time taking artistic commissions from all over the world.

My love for art began as a hobby; when from age 11 I began taking art classes. This awakened in me a desire to pursue this skill more seriously and I studied art more intensively in school for three years covering a wide variety of art techniques, styles and methods.

​It was here that I realised my love of portraiture. The human face is simply incredible. No two are alike, and therefore each one is an adventure to paint. I love the struggle of trying to recreate the natural colours of skin, trying to capture the glint of the human eye and observing how no hair texture is the same. Working out where the shadows and highlights are, is part of the fun too.

Observers of my work have commented on my ability “to capture the subject’s essence and energy in my paintings.”

I so appreciate hearing that “you can feel who the subject is, just by looking at my work.” I seek to encapsulate the personality of the subjects in each piece and enjoy the challenge of a fresh blank canvas every time.

Being a sociable extrovert, I thoroughly enjoy using art as a medium to connect with people and thus I also give art classes on a weekly basis to children, as well as the occasional paint night for adults.

I love helping others find their own creativity, and hope you will enjoy the journey through my website and artistic experience and perhaps I can add some colour and art to your home and to your life!