Tova Shaarjashuv

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About the artist

Hi, I’m Tova Shaarjashuv and it is an honour to share my art portfolio with you.

I am an English based artist who takes commissions from around the world with a specialty in portraiture and Judaic modern art.

Art is my craft and my passion and I never shy away from a challenge, including working from grainy old black and white images, combining multiple pictures into one and using mixed media and a variety of techniques to create lifelike textures and finishes.

With each painting I think of the client or end user and their experience when they behold this painting in their home. I want the subject encapsulated to be vibrant with a tangible energy, so you feel that you own, not just a beautiful piece of art, but a moment captured in time.

Being a sociable extrovert, I thoroughly enjoy using art as a medium to connect with people and so I often give art classes and lead the occasional paint night.

I love helping others find their own creativity and hope you will enjoy the journey through my website and artistic experience and perhaps I can add some colour and art to your home and to your life!